The Rip Van Winkle Luxury Firm
Luxury Mattress by Aireloom
Aireloom Rip Van Winkle Luxury Firm Luxury Mattress
The Rip Van Winkle Luxury Firm has a medium firmness with generous layers of high quality latex and innovative foams, and it's still made with lots of soft cotton and old fashion double-knotted off-set coils, just like the original.


Aireloom Preferred Hand Tied Mattress Tufts
What is remarkable about the Aireloom Rip Van Winkle is that it is the only mattress in the U. S. that is made with both inner and outer tufts, as were the best mattresses of old. The double knotted offset coil structure is surrounded with cotton, covered, tufted, and then more comfort materials are put on top until the topmost quilt layer is applied and then the outer tufts are applied all the way through the mattress to hold the comfort materials and the coils in place. This allows air to circulate through each layer so that each material remains independent of the other. The result is more strength and resiliency than most pocketed coil mattresses and comfort that lasts for decades, as the Rip Van Winkle mattresses are known for.
Silk and Wool Fiber Quilt Mattress Layer
Silk is the strongest natural fiber known today and retains its softness longer than most any other. In this mattress, Aireloom blends silk and wool fibers in the topmost quilt layer that works to effectively prevent compression and to retain its loft for many many years to come.

High Quality Latex Comfort Layer
The Celsion® Talalay Latex used by Aireloom is made in the U. S. A. and is vacuum sealed, flash frozen, and washed and compressed five times to create an extremely even, soft, and super clean comfort layer that will last for many years.
Offset Coils
Double knotted offset coils date back over a half century and were originally used for only the highest end mattresses since much labor goes into making them. Rather than leaving the ends of the coil loose, the ends are looped around and double knotted to the coil itself. The top and bottom loops of the hourglass shaped coils are flattened where that they can be hinged together more flush than if they were left round. This and the fact that these are heavy gauge wire make this one of the most strong and most resilient coil structures available. The inner and outer tufts are essential with this kind of coil system to prevent motion transfer.
Aireloom Rip Van Winkle Mattress Inside Materials
Mattress Specifications:
Queen: 60w x 80l x 14h (165 lbs)
East King: 76w x 80l x 14h (190 lbs
Cal King: 72w x 84l x 14h (190 lbs)

  •  Made with 42 pounds of cotton
  •  49 Hand stitched inner tufts
  •  54 Hand stitched outer tufts
  •  Heavy Duty Double Knotted Offset Coil Structure
  •  Silk and wool fiber topmost quilt layer
  •  High Loft FR Fiber
  •  2 layers of ventilated natural latex
  •  Low VOC Visco Memory Foams
  •  Quilted inner-panel
  •  830 8"h 6-turn XF 13 Gauge Coils
  •  Cannot be used with an adjustable base

10 Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects, non-prorated
Enjoy this mattress on your own bed frame or set it on a simple foundation:
Rigid Modular Foundation
The Aireloom Preferred rigid foundation is much heavier than most. A very strong pine is used to frame the foundation and lots of heavy gauge steel wire is used to make a grid of V-shaped brackets. This foundation is rigid but will flex before it bends or breaks.
Aireloom Preferred Rigid Mattress Foundation
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