The Devonshire
Luxury Mattress by Vispring
Vispring Devonshire Luxury Mattress
The Devonshire is made with all wool comfort layers. The combination of British fleece wool and Devonshire wool layers creates a unique feel that is moderately firm with all the support you could ask for. The coils are hand-nested perfectly into a honeycomb pattern to provide you with excellent support and conformability that will last decades to come.


Fleece Wool,  Cotton Blend | Mattress Comfort Material

The topmost comfort layer is Britain's highest grade fleece wool which, while remaining soft and supple, maintains its form with repeated use year after year.
British Devonshire Wool | Mattress Comfort Material

The second layer is hand teased Devonshire wool. This wool is known for its unique suppleness and durability.
Fleece Wool,  Cotton Blend | Mattress Comfort Material
The third layer functions as a barrier between the top comfort layers and the coils. In this layer, the British fleece wool creates a firm dense layer that works perfectly together with the hand nested coils beneath it.
Hand Nested Pocketed Coils
While stacking coils into layers gives a mattress more conformability for a more plush and responsive feel, single layered mattresses are ideal for those who prefer a flatter firmer feel. The Devonshire mattress has 1,634 coils that are hand nested into a honeycomb pattern to ensure optimal support that is at once luxurious and responsive to ensure you get a wonderful night's sleep night after night.
Vispring Devonshire Luxury Mattress
Enjoy this mattress on your own bed frame or pair it with a beautifully hand-tailored Vispring inner-spring bed base and headboard.
The De Luxe Upholstered Foundation
Wool,  Cotton Blend Mattress Foundation Comfort Material

A generous layer of top rated British fleece wool sets on top of a coir (coconut husk) layer to add comfort and wick away moisture.
Hand Nested Pocketed Coils
756 coils are hand nested into the foundation to enable optimal conformability and relieve tension from the mattress coils thereby extending the life of the mattress.
The DeLuxe Premium upholstered mattress foundation comes in 12.2", 9.8", 6.7", or 5.5" height options with 10 different leg types and leg heights of 5", 6", 7" and 9".
Vispring Deluxe Premium Mattress Foundation
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