The Signatory Superb
Luxury Mattress by Vispring
Vispring Signatory Superb Luxury Mattress
Only the top two highest end Vispring mattress models have Moosburger Wool from Austria, known to be be the very best horsetail fiber in the world. The fibers are cleaned with extremely hot water with no chemicals, hand-tied and then later hand-teased into an extremely luxurious layer adding loft and unparalleled support. This mattress has other unique materials such as top grade certified British fleece wool, Shetland wool, cashmere, and cotton to provide you with luxurious comfort, night after night for many years to come.


British Fleece Wool Mattress Comfort Material

The topmost layer is 100% pure certified Platinum British fleece wool, recognized as the very best in the world. Its fine fibers provide a unique softness to the mattress.
Horsetail, Silk, Wool Blend Mattress Comfort Material
Horsetail fiber, simply put, is absolutely the very best material for making mattresses, because adding horsetail fiber to a mattress is like giving it millions of extra springs. In the second layer, silk, mohair, and Shetland wool are blended with long-stranded horsetail fibers to create a very unique softness that is perfectly supportive and resilient.

Wool,  Cotton Blend Mattress Comfort Material
The third layer functions as a barrier between the top comfort layers and the coils. In this layer Shetland wool and cotton are combined to create a dense layer that prevents compression. These are very hardy materials, that once settled, will remain virtually unchanged.
Hand Nested Pocketed Coils
Stacking coils into 2 or 3 layers gives a mattress more conformability for a more plush and responsive feel than single layered mattresses which tend to have a flatter firmer feel. The Signatory Superb mattress has 3,312 coils (per king) that are hand nested into a honeycomb pattern to ensure optimal support and into a 2-layer stacked configuration to create a feel that is at once luxurious and responsive to ensure you get a wonderful night's sleep night after night.
Vispring Signatory Superb Luxury Mattress
Enjoy this mattress on your own bed frame or pair it with a beautifully hand-tailored Vispring inner-spring bed base and headboard.
The Statesman Upholstered Foundation
Wool,  Cotton Blend Mattress Foundation Comfort Material

Blended top grade British fleece wool and cotton.
Coir Mattress Foundation Comfort Material
Long-strand horsetail fiber.

Hand Nested Pocketed Coils
3,608 coils are hand nested into two layers in the foundation to ensure optimal conformability for the Signatory Superb mattress.
The Statesman upholstered mattress foundation comes in 13.25" or9.5" height options with 10 different leg types and leg heights from 2" on up.
Vispring Signatory Superb Luxury Mattress Foundation
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