Beautyrest Black Clearance Sale
Beautyrest Black mattresses are generally recognized as the very best of the top-brand mattresses. If you are looking for a firm or medium firm mattress in the $2,000 - $3,000 range, the below mattresses are what we recommend for the best quality, comfort, and value out of all of the top brand mattresses made in the U. S. A. Pricing is set at the manufacturer's required minimum pricing (MRP).

Now, while supplies last, we are offering sharp discounts on the below models now on clearance.

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Beautyrest Black: Luxury Firm

$2,099 queen / $1,000 queen floor model
Beautyrest Black Desiree Extra Firm Luxury Mattress
The Desiree Luxury Firm over the years has always been a big favorite among our customers because it is essentially an extra firm mattress but with a thicker topmost quilt layer. Just as with all Beautyrest Black mattresses, the great feel is the result of the triple coils, which are 3 coil wires spun into a cable and then turned into a coil. These are placed in a checkerboard pattern alternating the triple coils with thick firm gauge single wire coils. The result is all the firmness with just the right amount of resilience for the best luxury firm mattress at this price point.

Firmness: Extra Firm with a little extra on top

•  Poly-blend ticking with Tencel
•  SurfaceCoolPlus Fiber in topmost quilt layer
•  Various memory foam and cool gel foams
•  850 pocketed pocketed coils / queen
•  Firm foam encasement border
•  Height: ~13.5 inches
•  Queen: 115 lbs / Kings: 145 lbs

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