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American Leather Comfort Sleepers
Made in Dallas, Texas

Widely recognized as the best made sleeper sofa in the U. S., each American Leather Comfort Sleeper design is carefully developed from an engineering first approach to ensure that each sleeper is built to last with the very best comfort and with smart space efficient designs. Click an image below to learn more about each sofa sleeper style. We're happy to send you free fabric swatches and help you find the sleeper that is just right for you.

Schedule a visit to our San Francisco showroom and let us show you the many Comfort Sleeper options. Because we want to make sure that you experience a very safe and sanitary environment, we sanitize the store between each visit, and each customer gets a pre-washed sheet to use while lying on mattresses. Face masks are required and we supply the hand sanitizer.
The American Leather Comfort Sleeper
Opens more easily and provides an edge-to-edge flat unshakable sleeping surface—there's nothing else like it!
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The American Leather Comfort Sleeper
Specially designed so that you can easily take it apart, move it through the smallest passageways, and easily reassemble it.
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Easy Minimum Disassembly: Removing the Front 2 Mattress Panels

Recommended for all deliveries, especially large sizes from queen to king and especially when delivery includes stairs, narrow doors, passageways, or sharp turns. Most of the weight of the sleeper is in the mattress panels, so once these panels are removed, 2 people should easily be able to carry and maneuver the sleeper into most locations.

Tools: 1/2 inch wrench or cordless hand drill-driver with a 1/2 inch socket (time required: less than 2 minutes with cordless hand-drill and 1/2 inch socket)

Remove the cushions and pull the sofa sleeper mattress unit all the way open.

From under the mattress, remove the 1/2 inch bolts where the mid-panel connects to the mechanism (2 bolts on each side).
Deliver and reassemble.

Additional Disassembly for More Challenging Deliveries: Removing the Back Panel

The American Leather Comfort Sleeper has been specially designed to be easily taken apart and put back together so that it can be delivered through the smallest of spaces.

Removing the back, as well as the two front mattress panels as described above, is usually sufficient to lighten the weight and allow more room to complete almost any delivery.

Tools: 1/2 inch and 7/16 inch sockets, 7/16 inch wrench, a wood block 5 inches tall. You will need 2 people for the job. (time required: 10-15 minutes with a cordless hand-drill)

Make sure the front two mattress panels are removed as described above.

Removing the back panel: Some models have two 1/2 inch bolts on each side that attach the back to the sofa arms, while other models will have only 1 on each side. After opening the mattress all the way open and removing the front two mattress panels, remove the top bolt that attaches the back to each arm.

Next, remove the remaining 1/2 inch bolt on each side that attaches the back to the sofa arms at the bottom by first flipping the sofa forward so that you can access the bottom of the sofa sleeper. If there is a black fabric dust-guard that is attached with velcro, remove it and then then remove the final bolt that attaches the back panel to each arm.

For models with backs that do not wrap around the sofa arms (referred to in the downloadable instruction sheet as ears), just lift the back off. For models that have backs that wrap around the sofa arms, you will need to slide it off by returning the sleeper back to the position with all four legs touching the ground and then sliding that back up and off. You might need to use a block that is 5 or more inches tall by placing it under the bottom of the back panel so that you can push down on the arms to force the back to slide up.

Deliver and reassemble.

Complete Disassembly: Removing the Sofa Arms

Remove the the front two mattress panels and the sofa back as desbribed above.

Tilt the sofa forward so that the bottom of the sofa is accessible and then remove all cross bar beams by removing the bolts where they attach to arms so that the brackets remain with the cross beams when removed and not with the arms. (You will need a 1/2 inch socket and a 7/16 inch socket and might also need a 7/16 inch wrench as well.)

Reassemble the sofa by following the instructions in the reverse order.

When attaching the head mattress panel, the top is the thin side and the bottom is the thick side that will match up to the mid mattress panel.

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