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In every Vispring mattress,
each material is a beautiful thing:

Vispring Mattress Luxury Materials
Hand Stitched

With Nature's Finest Ingredients

Vispring uses no glue and no foam in its mattresses but instead uses only the very finest natural materials to create very special types of comfort.

Every Vispring mattress is meticulously constructed by hand by people who have trained for years to learn their craft, putting together unique combinations of spring tension and premium fills consisting of some of the finest natural materials selected from around the world.
Vanadium Steel

At the heart of a Vispring mattress is its coils; in fact, Vispring so values the functionality of its coils that it takes its name from the Roman numeral VI finding that a coil with 6-turns provides the most comfort, support, and durability. For more than 110 years Vispring has manufactured its coils in its own factory and has ever since continued to perfect them. Today Vispring is the only mattress manufacturer in the world to make its coils out of virgin steel with vanadium, which it has discovered provides the very best elasticity, strength, and longevity.

British Fleece and Shetland Wool

Vispring uses two types of wool: Shetland Island wool and Platinum British Fleece wool, both of which are widely regarded as the finest in the world. The wool is sheared from sheep raised in protected cruelty free environments so that the sheep can live out their lives naturally. The changeable climate on Scotland's Shetland Islands makes this wool uniquely strong and springy. Wool is also highly regarded for its ability to wick away moisture and to remain temperature neutral.

Austria & England

Adding horsetail fibers to a bed is like giving it two million extra springs: it's the longest fiber found in nature and has a unique ability to bounce back after compression to restore your mattress's shape after each night's sleep. The finest quality horsehair in the world is the very long stranded horsetail, which is cleaned with only hot water, no chemicals, and is twisted into a tight braided rope. The longer the hair, the tighter the braids, and the more resilient the fibers when untwisted by hand at the Vispring factory. Horsetail is extremely elastic and has an amazing ability to last over 100 years.


Turkish cotton is a premium cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey and is prized for its long-fiber which enables it to be more breathable and better at wicking away moisture than other cottons. Turkish cotton is incredibly soft and durable. In fact once the cotton settles, it will remain virtually unchanged to ensure your comfort night after night throughout the years.


Cashmere is produced from the soft under-fleece of the Cashmere goat and is collected during the Spring molting season when the goats naturally shed their winter coat. Absorbent, resilient, and exquisitely smooth, its long, silky fiber has excellent insulating properties and is used for its unique softness and sumptuous feel only in Vispring's finest mattresses.

South Africa

Mohair is a luxurious material made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is very durable, elastic, and exquisitely soft. It is also an excellent natural insulator to retain warmth in winter, while its moisture wicking properties keep it cool in summer to guarantee year-round comfort.
Vicuna Wool


Vicuna wool is one of the most luxurious and most precious textiles in the world. In Peru, vicuna, which is a relative of the llama, is protected by the Peruvian government and is its national animal and appears in the Peruvian coat of arms on the Peruvian flag. Vicunas must be caught in the wild, sheared, and returned to the wild and cannot be sheared again for another 3 years. Vicuna wool is absorbent, has excellent insulating properties, and is also hypoallergenic. Vispring selects these long, lustrous vicuna fibers for their warmth, their beauty, and their wonderful softness.


The strongest natural fiber on Earth, silk has been highly prized since ancient times. Rare, refined, and incredibly soft, it offers a naturally luxurious bedtime experience, adapting to ambient temperatures to provide coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter with a distinctive softness all year round.

Steel Wool Horsetail hair Cotton Cashmere Mohair Vicuna Silk
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